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Dry Shampoo Causes Loss of Hair: Is This True?

dry-shampoo-hair-lossDry shampoo provides a quick and convenient way to clean your hair. Some people also consider it a better alternative for maintaining healthy hair than washing it on a daily basis with regular shampoo. It’s important to note, though, that dry shampoo potentially causes loss of hair in some people.

Using dry shampoo on a regular basis can lead to hair loss in women and men in some cases. These products work by getting rid of oil on the scalp, but they also leave residue behind. This residue can build up over time and end up clogging hair follicles, which can prevent hair growth and eventually cause hair loss. It also damages the hair by stripping it of its natural oils that it needs to stay healthy and shiny. While this doesn’t affect everyone who uses dry shampoo, it is a potential risk factor that should be considered before using this type of product.

One woman posted about her experience with dry shampoo resulting in hair loss. Nicole Baxter, who used this kind of shampoo regularly, began noticing a bald patch on her scalp. After continuing to use dry shampoo, she also started experiencing other symptoms, including a burning sensation, itching and blisters on her scalp. Baxter ended up being diagnosed with a condition known as triangular alopecia, which is usually temporary. Some of Baxter’s symptoms, including the blisters, went away when she stopped using dry shampoo, but she still has a bald patch on her scalp.

Although Baxter’s case doesn’t indicate that dry shampoo causes hair loss in most people who use it, it does show that this product should be used in moderation rather than being used as a daily substitute for regular shampoo and water.

Those who use dry shampoo and experience similar symptoms should see their doctor for diagnosis and treatment. While Baxter’s hair loss did not go away when she stopped using dry shampoo, there are treatments available for this condition, including hair transplants.

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