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Debunking Spider Vein Home Remedies

Life is undeniably expensive, so sometimes we turn to home remedies as a way to cut costs by attempting to do it ourselves. This can certainly work for some things, but when it comes to your health or things you would normally go to a doctor for, a home remedy may not be your best option. 

When it comes to spider veins, there are ways to prevent the onset of them, but treating them at home is something that should never be done. Rely on the help of a trusted vein specialist to treat your spider veins

We are here to debunk the myths surrounding spider vein home remedies so that you don’t fall victim to trying them for yourself.

First, How Spider Vein Removal Works

Treatment for spider veins can happen in a few ways. However, out of all the treatments available on the market today, sclerotherapy is likely the one that you hear about most. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the spider vein with a needle filled with a specific solution. It works to flush the vein, and your body naturally metabolizes the solution injected. This is performed by an expert vein specialist who is licensed and highly skilled. It is most definitely not something a person should try themselves at home.

Essential Oils for Spider Veins? Don’t Believe the Hype…

Many people turn to essential oils for their medicinal properties. But how much of this is fact from fiction? Perhaps the belief of wanting something to magically cure you of your ailments is enough for many to circulate that essential oils are effective in the treatment of spider veins. We are here to tell you that spider vein removal is not possible through essential oils. They might smell nice and help to ease your mind, but they will not rid you of your spider veins, sorry…

Apple Cider Vinegar is Good For the Body 

Many people choose to drink apple cider vinegar for its health benefits. However, when it comes to spider vein removal, apple cider vinegar is a highly potent substance that’s quite concentrated. It is not intended to be used topically and can leave redness or result in irritation. Some have made stark claims that apple cider vinegar can increase blood flow, but we assure you that rubbing it on your spider vein will by no means remove it. 

Witch Hazel is Not a Witch Doctor

Witch hazel has long since been used for its effectiveness at cooling the skin. While it works its magic to cool the top of the skin when applied, it isn’t strong enough to penetrate beneath the skin’s surface where spider veins lie. This is another spider vein removal DIY you want to save yourself the embarrassment from. 

Leave it to the Trusted Professionals

Spider veins are obviously something that no one wants to see on their body, but you’d be relieved to know just how quickly and easily they can be removed with the help of a licensed vein specialist. We offer complimentary consultations for those in search of a way to say goodbye to them for good. Our in-office spider vein removal treatments are painless and highly-effective, and, unlike these useless at-home treatments, we promise you will love your finished results.

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