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Can Spider Veins Turn Into Varicose Veins?

Hi, Dr. Adam Goldman here of the Metropolitan Vein & Aesthetic Center. I’m here to talk to you a little bit about spider and varicose veins. Some people have asked if spider veins can become varicose veins. There is no easy answer for that because there are many patients that suffer from spider veins and never develop varicose veins. There are some patients that have varicose veins but never develop any spider veins, and there are many patients that have both.

Varicose Veins vs Spider Veins

However, if you do develop spider veins, it does not necessarily mean that varicose veins are on their way. You do not have to worry. But for all types of venous problems of the legs, it is always recommended to keep your weight as controlled as possible, to do as much regular exercise. You can also elevate your legs whenever you have the opportunity when you’re lying down or sitting in a chair that you can keep your legs up to help improve the circulation back to the heart. Hopefully, that will prevent any further veins from popping out. As well as, if you’re really concerned and can tolerate, compression stockings can help prevent some of the varicose veins from coming out.

Treating Spider Veins

So certainly try these measures. And if you have still problems, you can come see us at the Metropolitan Vein & Aesthetic Center, and we’d be happy to give you your options for treatment to improve the varicose veins or spider veins of your legs. Thank you.

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