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Can Cold Weather Make Your Varicose Veins Worse?

Cold weather is upon us, and while it might be a nice break from a long and hot summer, it can equal a few worries. For starters, dry skin goes hand-in-hand with the cold winter weather. And dry, cracked hands are no fun, either! But what about when it comes to varicose veins?

As it turns out, the cold weather might actually be a time of year when they become worse.

What Cold Weather Does to Our Body

We know our skin can easily become dry and chapped due to the lack of moisture in the air. But did you know that the cold weather can directly affect those who experience varicose veins?

For those of us who live in an area that experiences seasonal snow, you know well the changes in pressure. It is this increase in barometric pressure that directly affects our veins. This increase in pressure will put more weight on your legs, and when this happens, your body might find it difficult to pump your blood effectively. And, as we know, varicose veins are a result of poor circulation and tension on our veins caused by constriction of the vessels.

To combat the lack of moisture in the air, invest in a humidifier so that your skin can get the moisture that it needs to thrive.

Cold Weather Means More Time Spent Indoors

Although we might be nice and cozy by the fire, the more time spent indoors—specifically on our bums—increases our probability of developing varicose veins. Should those bone-chilling temps have you on house arrest, try moving around regularly or making good use of workout DVDs or stationary exercise equipment to elevate your heart rate and get those legs moving.

Additionally, try to be mindful of the foods you’re putting into your body during those winter months. This doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on that second helping on Thanksgiving, but don’t treat your body consistently and carb overload during the wintertime. Increased weight on your body puts you at risk of worsening your existing varicose veins and can also invite more to form. Instead, reach for a salad and lean proteins when you can, even in those chilly months filled with carb-coma temptations.

A Vein Specialist Could Be Your Winter Weather Solution

Did you know that just a single treatment can lessen your chances of varicose veins worsening during the winter months? And not only this but by doing so, you’ll be getting a head start for shorts season once those temperatures start to rise again.

Call our offices at 914-205-6399 or visit our website to schedule your complimentary consultation with our licensed and experienced vein specialist. Just think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself by not having to worry about varicose veins during the holiday season!

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