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The Four Best Ways to Maximize CoolSculpting Results

If you’ve turned to CoolSculpting to rid your body of stubborn fat, then you want those results to last. CoolSculpting is an excellent technique to sculpt your body in ways that you can’t on your own. However, when you go that route, it’s best to ensure that those results will last for the long haul. We want to share with you our expert tips and tricks to help you achieve those beautiful CoolSculpting results for many days to come.

Here’s our list of the four best ways to maximize CoolSculpting results…

1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Remember, fat is fat. While CoolSculpting works great at ridding your body of pesky fat, new fat will come on should you put your healthy lifestyle habits by the wayside. CoolSculpting only targets existing fat. If you start slacking on the gym and slipping on your diet, you are only inviting new fat cells to start appearing. Be mindful of your health and fitness routine, and stick to your body goals.

2. Drink Your Water

Water is essential for life, and we all need it to survive. Not only does it help to hydrate your body, but drinking water also proves to flush out toxins. Be mindful of your water consumption, and be sure that you’re drinking at least eight glasses a day to get those toxins out. Doctors typically suggest for patients to up their water intake post-CoolSculpting treatment.

3. Massage

A little massage always feels good, and according to recent research, it can even be beneficial when it comes to maximizing your CoolSculpting results. When massaging, look to do a healthy combination of vigorous kneading movements combined with circular presses. 

4. Understanding the Power and Science Behind CoolSculpting

Remember, CoolSculpting works best in a series of treatments specific to your body sculpting goals. While self-care and the suggestions mentioned above are certainly beneficial, it’s important to keep in mind that a series of treatments versus a single treatment will reward you with the best results possible. By knowing that this is a treatment plan designed to rid you of stubborn existing fat, this will help you to better understand how to achieve the maximum results possible. 

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