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6 Signs that You Need to Seek Treatment for Excessive Sweating

We all know that it is perfectly normal to perspire. But what about when you feel as if your sweating is beyond your control and happening all the time? There are a few telltale signs that it’s time to discuss with your doctor about your excessive sweating issues. Not only this but by talking with a doctor about your perspiration concerns, they’ll be able to layout effective treatment options so that your excessive sweating can become a thing of the past.

What are the Signs That I’m Sweating Excessively?

First off, know that you are not alone when it comes to issues with excessive sweating. Excessive sweating is a condition known as hyperhidrosis, and it’s something that roughly 2-3% of Americans live with. It can be rather difficult to talk about and a cause of complete embarrassment for many who suffer from it.

Here are the Most Obvious Signs You’re Dealing with Hyperhidrosis:

Refraining from Social Engagements

If you are skipping out on social events simply because you are mortified at the thought of others seeing you all sweaty, this is a clear sign that you are dealing with excessive sweating. The thought of perspiring shouldn’t be reason enough for you to avoid regular social outings. So, if you find yourself staying behind out of fear, it’s crucial to discuss treatment plans with a licensed professional for the sake of your well-being.

Facial Sweating

When we are working out or being active, sweat from the face is entirely normal. However, in the moments when we are not moving our body, and we’re suddenly experiencing sweat coming from our face, this is clearly a cause for concern. Sweating from our underarms and feet are common, but sweating from the face when inactive could be a sign you may have hyperhidrosis.

Exhausted and Sweaty

If you ever find that you are particularly run down and sweating, it’s important that you seek out the attention of a medical professional. An overactive thyroid gland can actually cause you to experience the symptoms mentioned above, so it’s crucial to have that examined closely by a doctor to rule it out.

Night Sweats

When we are sleeping, our bodies typically “cool off,” so to speak. This drop-in internal temperature usually results in our bodies feeling cold. While it is normal to experience night sweats postpartum, these are not typical in ordinary circumstances and can serve as a clear indication of hyperhidrosis.

Sweaty 24/7

Of course, we sweat more in the warmer months, but if we are sweating consistently regardless of the season, this is something that should be considered carefully in terms of excess sweating.

Sweaty Palms

When exercising or in times when we are anxious and/or nervous, it’s common for our palms to perspire. But if you feel like your hands are always sweaty no matter what, this is a telltale sign of hyperhidrosis.

What Miradry Performed by a Licensed Miradry Specialist Can do for You

You do not have to live with hyperhidrosis any longer thanks to advances in modern technology. Countless individuals who experience excess sweating have taken back control of their lives thanks to the wonders of Miradry treatments. This noninvasive technique performed by a trusted Miradry specialist can do wonders for you by stopping your excess sweating issues once and for all.

We offer a complimentary consultation for those living with hyperhidrosis to see just how beneficial the Miradry treatment can be for them. During your consultation, a licensed Miradry specialist will give you a detailed overview of the many benefits and what to expect before and after treatment.

Don’t live with your excessive sweating issues any longer. Schedule a consultation today and allow our experienced staff to help you regain your self-confidence once again.

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